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Your music deserves to be heard and appreciated at its best.

Get a stand out, release-ready sound that you're proud of.




 When you've put your heart and soul into your music, placing it in the hands of somebody you've never met before can be daunting. My collaborative approach to mixing and relaxed revisions process will leave you with a radio ready track that truly fulfils your vision. Get in touch below and we can have a chat about your project!


You've worked tirelessly to produce and mix your music. Let's finalise it with an attentive master that will enrich your sound and showcase your mix in its best light. All masters include unbiased feedback on your mix and every format you need for your release plan. Hear the results on your track by getting in touch for a free mastering sample.


If you've hit a creative block or are struggling with any aspect of your song, I'm here to help. A second set of ears and a fresh perspective can uncover problems, spark new ideas or even just reassure you that you're on the right path. Get in touch to send me your track. I'll listen in the studio and get back to you promptly with my thoughts.

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Debris Discs

"Super friendly and professional to work with. Fast turnaround time and all files delivered promptly. Most importantly, the mastering sounded brilliant - loads of space and clarity but with a big, warm punch throughout. Great balance between volume and dynamics. Highly recommended."


The New Consistent

"All of my ideas have been transferred from my head to the final product perfectly. Working with someone on a project, especially when you have never met them in person, can be very daunting! However, the way Philip works makes me have nothing but 100% trust, and he makes the whole process so straightforward!"


Mia Pembroke

"Great experience from start to finish. From first getting in contact with Phil to the final product he has been professional, prompt in responding to messages, incredibly helpful and lots of people have commented on the sheer quality of my songs - thanks to Phil."


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Thank you for getting in touch. I will get back to you asap.